Enroll in the Golf Retirement Plus Program today.

Enrolling in the Golf Retirement Plus (GRP) Program through AIG Retirement Services is a great place to start building the financial future you envision and an affordable way to help you save for your retirement. The GRP Program offers you potential for tax-deferred earnings and a steady flow of income after you retire.

You can fund your GRP account in a variety of ways:

  • Sponsor Program Contributions – sponsor program incentives designed as a royalty paid by over 30 participating sponsors to help fund GRP accounts for PGA professionals and associates
  • Personal Contributions – you can make contributions through direct deposit from your bank account
  • Employer Contributions – your employer may contribute to your GRP account in the form of a periodic bonus or a percentage of your salary

View this short video to find out more about the GRP Program or access the program overview

Steps to help you enroll in the Golf Retirement Plus Program

  1. Complete the Pre-Enrollment Checklist to help you be better prepared for your meeting with an AIG financial professional and to educate you about the steps for enrolling in the GRP program.  
  2. Call or email to sign up for a one-on-one appointment with an AIG financial professional listed below. The AIG financial professionals can help you complete the necessary forms to enroll in the GRP program.
  3. Once your GRP account is created, register here to access your account online

Contact one of your dedicated financial professionals

Tracey Faenza

Financial Professional
Office: 281-878-2836
Email: Tracey.Faenza@aig.com

Catherine Brashears

Financial Professional
Office: 281-878-2811
Email: Catherine.Brashears@aig.com

David Allen, CFP

District Vice President
Office: 561-684-3775
Email: David.Allen@aig.com

Dedicated PGA toll-free number

Call our dedicated PGA toll-free number at 1-833-PGA-PLUS (833-742-7587).